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Terms and Conditions
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Like any other Cottage, Secret Sanctuary also has its own terms and conditions:

  1. Full payment of room rates for all bookings be made upon confirmation of availability from Secret Sanctuary to secure room.
  2. No outside Food and Drink on the premises.
  3. All guest must ensure that toilets are kept clean and dry at all times.
  4. Strictly No Visitors allowed.
  5. Strictly No Smoking inside the rooms.
  6. In order to keep premises clean Strictly No Littering is allowed (Especially Cigarette Butts).
  7. Cancellation here means you inform Secret Sanctuary by e-mail or by fax.
  8. For cancellation of room(s) and or date(s) whereby payment is already made, Secret Sanctuary will not refund back the booking fees. In addition, Secret Sanctuary shall be at liberty to release the canceled room(s) and or date(s) for re-sell.

Non-Refundable Deposit

Secret Sanctuary requires our guests to pay a 30% non-refundable deposit with your booking for residences of Malaysia. We will only hold rooms / beds for you upon receipt of this deposit unless an alternative arrangement is made.

For non-residences of Malaysia, we will guarantee the room subject to you being liable to pay for the full room rate should you not turn up on your date of booking. In the event of no show on the 1st day of your booking and all subsequent bookings will automatically be canceled.

Refundable Deposit

Upon Check-in, we require our guest to fill in their personal details such as address, telephone contact number, e-mail address etc. on our registration form and place a RM50.00 refundable deposit for any lost or damages to the room, bed, key, towel and also messing up the linens with undesirable stuff. The refundable deposit will be returned in full upon check-out if there is no lost or damages done.

Cancellation Policy

If your plans change during your stay with us, one is required to pay 90% of each night stayed. The deposit for any other nights that one booked are non refundable and can not offset the accommodation fee.  In addition, an additional one night stay will be charged for each room booked (90%). If you ask why, The Secret Sanctuary reserved these accommodation for you and could have booked the accommodations to another party and believe it is a fair compromise for us and our guests.


Pricing stated within the contents of this website are subject to change at anytime and without written noticed. Room Rates are priced according to Holiday and or Seasonal periods where as the Secret Sanctuary (Youres) booking system will determine the official pricing for all rooms for the period required.