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Visit the local market selling jungle and local produce or take a stroll in the nearby monkey forest where monkeys wander freely. Experience life at the long house, visit the natural hot spring, and enjoy the stunning 3 tier-waterfall massage. We can arrange transfers to the Bako National Park, Semonggok Rehabilitation Centre and more. For adventure seekers try out rock climbing, caving, mountain climbing, off road biking and Rainforest Kayaking.

Parks and Activities Near Kuching

Sarawak Nature

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Here are some descriptions about parks and other activities near Kuching that one may want to visit during your stay. Note: Click on pictures to enlarge.

1. Bako National Park

  • about 40 minutes from Stutong by road and a 45 minutes boat from jetty (depend on the weather and tidal conditions) to the park.
  • the icon for this park is the proboscis monkey. Besides, there are silver leaf and long-tailed monkeys which actually can be seen very closely. If one is lucky, maybe one can see dolphin but are very seldom sighted.
  • Many hiking trails are available of different lengths, with many nice trails which pass through different vegetation types. Camping sites are available and one can have a barbecue.

2. Kubah National Park

  • about 1 hour form Stutong. It's connected to Matang Wildlife Centre which housed about 10+ orangutan for a rehabilitation programme.
  • the highlight of this park is the palm plant, as well as the frog.
  • trails are available for hiking, from Kubah National Park to Matang Wildlife Centre or up to Gunung Serabi.
  • there are camp sites available in Matang, as well as an hostel in longhouses form.

3. Gunung Gading National Park

  • about 2 hour from Stutong, at Sematan and Lundu, which one can enjoy cheap seafood there.
  • Rafflesia is the priority in this park. However, it can't be seen all year round, it depends on the season.
  • Hiking is nice too, and there is a nice water fall.

4. Wind and Fairy Caves

  • about 1 hour drive from Stutong to Bau.
  • there are man-made trails in the Wind cave leading one to see the colony of bats. Only for the very adventurous, inside there is complete darkness and one needs to use a torch.
  • One can enjoy the view inside Fairy Cave and is a good walking exercise as there is long walk up by staircase.
  • near by is Serikin where the boundary between Sarawak and Kalimantan is and one will find a very long row of stalls selling variety of local goods.

5. Batang Ai National Park (Sri Aman)

  • about 4 hours by road to Batang Ai dam, and 1 hour by boat to the long house.
  • enjoy the environment in pristine forest, culture and traditional life-style of the Iban.
  • One can hike in the forest by using the hilly trails, if lucky, able to see wild orangutan and other animals.

Note: It would be a very nice trek for those who are not afraid of leeches.

6. Satang Island

  • about 1 hour and 30 minutes to Telaga air, and 1 hour by boat to the Island.
  • can see turtles coming up to the shore and lay eggs.
  • one can swim but hiking is not encouraged as there is no fixed trails.

7. Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

  • 40 minutes from Stutong.
  • can see the semi-wild orangutan coming out to feed at the feeding platform.

8. Sarawark Golf Club

  • Just located seven kilometres from The Secret Sanctuary and the newest golf course within Kuching.

9. Natang Wildlife Centre

  • Matang Wildlife Centre covers 189 hectares of lowland rainforest with animals in varying stages of rehabilitation. Here, one can gain knowledge and learn about Sarawak's wildlife. The highlight is the Orang Utan training programme where young orang utans are being taught or retrained in the ways of their natural surroundings.

10. Niah National Park

  • The painted Cave in Niah national Park boasts unique prehistoric drawings on its walls. First inhabited more than 40,000 years ago. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Today. it is famous for its bird ness found high up in the cave, about 300 feet off the ground. Niah Cave has a rich history and culture revolving around the collection of the swiftlets' nests. The forest around Niah and the limestone hill area are also home to a variety of rare flora and fauna.

11. Crocodile Farm & Mini Zoo

  • Set amidst lush greenery, the farm is home to over 1,000 salt and fresh water crocodiles. It serves as a perfect sanctuary to these fearsome reptiles kept in enclosures similar to their natural habitat. Watch the crocodiles in action during feeding time. Explore the farm to see other fascinating animals such as the bear cats, pythons, peacocks, otters and  'the world's largest fresh water fish' - the Arapaima Gigas.

12. Sarawak Cultural Village

  • Popularly know as the 'Living Museum', the village is a showcase of a kaleidoscope of Sarawak's cultures and traditions. On arrival, you will explore the 7 authentic replicas of ethnic houses. Chinese Farm House, Malay's Stilted House, Melanau Tall House, Penan Hut as well as Longhouse of the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu. displayed in each house are the many artifacts made by the individual dwellers. Demonstration of arts and crafts like beadwork, wood and bamboo carvings, "Pua" weaving and straw weaving can be seen while touring the village, One will also be entertained with a 45 minutes of the traditional dances of the various ethnic tribes of Sarawak at the village theatre.

Family Day Out

Kuching Waterfront

Why not treat the family to a day or night out and enjoy Kuching's famous sites. For some brief information on some day activities Click Here.

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